In 1970 The Israel Milestone Committee (IMC) was formed by Mordechai Gichon as a branch of the International Curatorium of the Corpus Miliariorum. The aim of the committee was to assemble, study and prepare for publication the milestones inscriptions found in Israel. The IMC also intended to carry out a systematic survey of all the extant remains related to roads, in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the Roman road network in Israel. For almost 40 years the Committee's field and research work was led by Israel Roll and Benjamin Isaac together with other scholars.

Entire roads where published as final reports, in the form of monographs. Two reports have been already published in the British Archaeological Reports International Series
(Oxford): on the Legio-Scythopolis road (1982) and on the Jaffa-Jerusalem roads (1996). A third volume dealing with the roads in the Galilee is in preparation. Specific subjects, such as inscriptions of special historic interest, specific well preserved segments of roads, or regional networks where published as articles.

In 2007 Chaim Ben David joined the IMC and worked together with Israel Roll updating the milestones files and preparing the publication of the corpus of milestones in Israel including the anepigraphic milestones. In 2009 Uzi Leibner joined the project and launched a computerized data base of the milestones of the corpus. To date, more than one hundred milestone files where computerized.

In 2012 with the aid of the Bornblum Cathedra for the research of the Land of Israel in the Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee all the pictures of milestones from the archive of the late Prof. Israel Roll where scanned, more milestone files are now being
computerized and this new web site was launched by Tzahi Harary.

Today (November 2012) the members of the IMC are: Benjamin Isaac, Chaim Ben David, Yuval Shachar and Yotam Tepper.